Mother hires son as hitman to kill another son for allegedly sexually abusing her and other family members: Report

A mother who claims her son sexually abused her reportedly paid a former relative to kill him.

The Independent reports that Ramcharan Dwivedi, 22, was found dead of stab wounds on August 21 in a quarry in Bhayander, India. And his mother allegedly arranged for his murder.

Dwivedi’s mother, who will not be identified because she may have been a victim of sexual abuse, allegedly hired her son from a previous marriage to kill Dwivedi, who she said sexually abused her along with other female members of the family.

The 55-year-old woman is accused of paying one son, her eldest, 50,000 rupees — the equivalent of $775 dollars — to kill Dwivedi. Two other accomplices have also been arrested along with the hired hitman.

Investigators took several weeks to identify the murder victim and reached out to the public for help, according to the Times of India. Eventually a woman who knew the family came to the police station and identified the victim.

Police went to the victim’s home, and his mother reportedly first denied the situation to investigators. She reportedly them that she had not seen Dwivedi since August 19, two days before he was found dead, but said she did not file a report because it was not unusual for him to be away from home for days at a time.

Investigators pressed further, and the Times of India reports that the mother eventually broke down and admitted that she had asked her eldest son to kill Dwivedi. She claimed that the younger son had been routinely sexually abusing her for six months, and that he had also abused at least two other female relatives. In addition, she told police, her son threatened to further harm her if she told his father.

The mother, the murder suspect, and his two alleged accomplices will reportedly remain in police custody until a hearing on September 23.