Woman dates serial killer for 10 years — and has no idea he is a cold-blooded murderer

A woman who dated a North Carolina real estate agent who confessed to multiple murders has spoken out about their 10-year relationship.

Holly Eudy will appear on Inside Edition to talk about her decade-long affair with Todd Kohlhepp, whose murderous past was discovered last year after he held a young woman captive for a month in a metal shipping crate on his sprawling rural property, where he allegedly raped her on a daily basis. Before he took Kala Brown hostage, he shot and killed her boyfriend Charlie Carver.

“It was just disgusting. It was sickening,” Eudy said about the horrific murder and torture.

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When authorities rescued the woman, Kohlhepp reportedly confessed to killing Carver and said there were more victims. In may, Kohlhepp pleaded guilty to killing seven people during a 13-year period. He is in prison for life with no possibility of parole.

Eudy, a South Carolina-based real estate agent, told Inside Edition that Kohlhepp was a dedicated boyfriend.

“He gave me a lot of attention, made me feel like I was important,” Eudy said.

Still, she also admitted that something seemed a little off about Kohlhepp.

“There was always that sat uneasy with me about him, but I couldn’t put my finger on it,” Eudy tells Inside Edition.

In the upcoming episode of Inside Edition, Eudy will explain why she believes she was targeted to be Kohlhepp’s next victim.

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Feature photo: Inside Edition video screenshot