VIDEO: Teen girls attack, rob Good Samaritan on train who tries to stop them from bullying — and no one steps in to defend her

“We’re supposed to be the City of Brotherly Love”

A woman who tried to protect a group of young girls from older bullies on a Philadelphia train was attacked herself by the same gang of bullies who were terrorizing the girls.

NBC News reports that the violent incident took place on a SEPTA train on Tuesday at about 3:30 in the afternoon.

Temple University student Megan Milligan told the news station that she saw a group of about 10 teenage girls bullying some younger girls on the train. Mulligan, a native of Havertown, stepped in to defend the younger girls. The bullies then target her, physically assaulting her and robbing her.

“There were two girls who hit me in the face and at least three girls at the exit who hit me in the back of the head,” Milligan told NBC News.

She said that the girls also stole her iPhone, while about 20 passengers watched the assault, but no one came to her defense.

“It’s not okay to let somebody stand by and be attacked and bullied,” Milligan said.

“We’re supposed to be the city of brotherly love but people are getting beat up on the streets and people are recording on cellphones. We really need to come together and stand up for people more.”

Although no one stepped into stop the assault, Milligan says that a woman on the train helped her after the bullies attacked her and got off the train, offering her water. The student says she hopes she can connect with that woman to thank her.

SEPTA police are working to identify and locate the alleged attackers. Anyone with information is urged to call SEPTA Police at 215-580-8111.


Feature photo: NBC News video screenshot