Mom faces homicide charges after gruesome discovery of baby remains in sealed containers at her home

A Fountain Inn, North Carolina, woman is behind bars after authorities made a shocking discovery earlier this week inside her previous apartment, reports FOX Carolina.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, a deputy found sealed containers inside a clothes hamper at an apartment at the Fountain Hills apartments while serving an eviction notice to a tenant who had already abandoned the apartment home. The tenant left a number of things behind, including a container stacked inside two other containers, sealed on top. The deputy noticed a foul odor coming from the containers and when he opened it, discovered the remains of a baby. A medical examiner determined the infant was around 38 weeks gestation.

ORIGINAL Story: Baby’s remains found sealed in containers inside apartment after deputy serves woman with eviction papers

According to Fountain Inn Police Chief Keith Morton, authorities initially didn’t know how long the infant had been there. They recruited the help of coroner Nick Nichols, who said the infant was badly decomposed and had been deceased for around 10 to 11 months when discovered. A forensics expert is now examining the remains to determine the cause of death.

A resident at Fountain Hills, Phyllis Taylor, told authorities she noticed a woman sitting outside beside her belongings earlier this. She asked the lady if she needed help before she realized the woman allegedly left a dead infant inside her former apartment.

On Saturday, police interviewed 41-year-old Jamie Melissa Wilson, who admitted she gave birth to the baby in October 2016. She said the infant stopped breathing and she decided against for calling for medical assistance. Instead, she placed the baby in a hoodie, then placed the hoodie in a trash bag before sealing the infant up, in an attempt to hide the death.

Authorities arrested Wilson and charged her with “homicide by child abuse or neglect.” She’s currently behind bars without bond.

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