Boyfriend hits and kills girlfriend with car, flees the scene: Police

A Virginia man is behind bars after authorities found a deceased woman on the side of the road in a residential neighborhood on Friday. Investigators said the victim was hit by a moving car driven by her boyfriend.

NBC12 reports that a resident first found the body of Dawn Marie Meade, 40, lying off of the 1100 block of Firehouse Drive in Louisa, and called 911. The victim lived in the neighborhood with her boyfriend, Gregory Veres, 30. Investigators accused Veres of hitting Meade with his car on early Friday morning, then fleeing the scene, leaving the victim for dead.

“It’s kind of eerie,” Joyce Palmer told NBC12. “I got up and went outside and looked… and it was a white car coming out of the church parking lot… and it stopped in my driveway and went on.”

After questioning Veres, police arrested him and charged him with second degree murder. The motive still remains unclear.

The discovery of Meade’s body stunned neighbors in the Blue Ridge Shores subdivision. Resident Melva Lines, who lives directly across from the street where authorities found Meade, said police had the entire taped off while investigating.

“There were sheriff’s deputies and state police… measuring, putting up tape. This whole area was taped off.”

Veres remains in jail without bail at the Central Virginia Regional Jail in Orange County. His first court appearance is scheduled for Monday, September 25, at the Louisa County District Court.

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[Feature Photo: Louisa County Sheriff’s Office]