Police: Cannibal couple eats at least 30 people, admits to killing and dismembering victims for over a decade

Warning: Graphic Content

Authorities in Russia arrested a man earlier this month after finding human skulls, skin, and other body parts in his posession. Police also arrested the man’s wife, who allegedly participated in the crimes with her husband.

Metro reports that Dmitry Bakshaev, 35, reportedly began killing people, storing their body parts, and eating them at some point in 1999. Detectives searched the suspect’s south Russia military aviation school dormitory, and found human remains stored in a freezer and refrigerator.

Along with seven packages of frozen human remains, authorities reportedly found human skin and skulls, and a bucket of body parts. According to CNN, a cellphone dropped on a street in Krasnodar was filled with incriminating “selfie” photos of the male suspect with a deceased woman. RT reports that construction worker Roman Khomyakov found the phone and took it to authorities.

“According to the owner of a cell phone that had been lost before, this is one of those hands with which he made a selfie,” a disclosed source reportedly told news agency, RIA Novosti.

According to RT, the couple allegedly canned human meat and fed it to servicemen at a nearby military base. Natalia Bakshaev apparently worked as a nurse at the base.

Posted by Kanthan on Monday, September 25, 2017


Bakshaev and his wife allegedly knocked their victims out with Corvalol before killing them and chopping up their body parts to eat. Neighbors began to complain after foul odors spread through the air, coming from the suspects’ room in a hostel.

A worker at the hostel said they tried to enter their room after numerous complaints of the smell, but the couple protested and screamed to the point that the employees never gained access.

“Each time we tried to enter their room, they started wild shouting and crying. Natalia is a scandalous woman, aggressive, so we did not risk it.”

After police found the cellphone, they located the body of a woman who worked at a military academy with the couple. Both husband and wife were arrested. Natalia Bakshaev allegedly told detectives that they killed and ate people for over a decade. According to CNN, Dmitry Bakshaev admitted to only two murders.

Both suspects are behind bars in Krasnodar as detectives continue to investigate.

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