‘I don’t want to believe it’: Mother of Robert Bee Jr. speaks out after boy confirmed dead

The mother of a 13-year-old boy who was confirmed dead this weekend has spoken out in response to the news that DNA tests were a positive match for Robert Bee, Jr.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Bee went missing in November from his home in Pekin, Illinois. He reportedly ran away when truancy officers approached him in his front yard. He was never seen alive again, and authorities discovered a set of human remains on a residential property about two miles from the home in July.

On Saturday, the Tazwell County coroner announced that DNA testing confirmed the remains belong to Robert.

His mother, Lisa Bee, spoke to local station News 25 about the tragic discovery.

“I kept holding out hope that it wasn’t, and I still, even though the results are back, I still don’t want to believe it,” Lisa said.

Upon hearing the news, she said she felt “Complete shock … (I) felt a loss that, you know, can’t be brought back.”

Authorities have not identified any suspects or persons of interest, though in July investigators said that Robert’s death was likely a result of homicide.

Back in March, when Robert — who was also known as “Bonsai” — had been missing for four months, CrimeOnline spoke to Lisa Bee via Facebook messenger.

At the time, she said she had moved away from her previous home in Pekin, and had recently sought treatment at a mental health facility. But she avoided answering questions about her son.

Pekin police detective Seth Ranney told CrimeOnline in March that Lisa’s behavior since her son’t disappearance had been “highly unusual.”

But even since the boy’s remains were found, Pekin police have not specifically said they believe Lisa had anything to do with Robert’s disappearance or death.

As News 25 reports, police are cautioning the public and the media to avoid speculation based on online rumors.

Lisa told the news station that she is organizing both a public and private memorial service for her son.

“I want people to remember him as gentle, kind, he loved everybody, very energetic,” she said.


Feature photo: Police handout