‘I was only raped – chill out’: Victim’s Facebook messages leads jury to drop charges against rape suspect

A Minshull Street Crown Court jury in Manchester, England, cleared all charges against an accountant trainee accused of raping a teen girl after they reviewed the teen’s Facebook messages.

The Telegraph reports that a 19-year-old girl accused George Owen, 21, of forcing himself on her and raping her on April 5, 2016, after they left Pics bar at the Millgate Shopping center in Bury, Greater Manchester. Initially, the teen declined to report the incident. Yet, a year later, she filed a report against Owen after attending meetings at a rape crisis center. A few weeks later, she contacted authorities again when she spotted Owen at a pub.

During Owen’s trial, the defense presented messages that the victim wrote on her Facebook page.

“OMG hahahahaha my mum knows. My mum started crying. She wants to hold my hand to go through it all with me. I was only raped chill the f*** out.”

The victim then added it would “be fun” to call the police about the incident.

“I’m going to ring them (police) tomorrow and tell them I’ll do it. My mum wants to come so I’m going to ask whether I can do it while she’s on holiday. It’s going to be so fun.”

Owen claimed that teen wanted to have to sex with him and it was a mutual agreement, not rape. Regardless, authorities charged him with rape, attempted rape and sexual assault, after the victim said he attacked her and after he raped her, threw money at her and said, “I think you should go home now.”

The suspect told authorities he was in utter shock that the victim accused him of rape. He indicated they met up at a bar and later, she agreed to meet him outside for sex.

“We met this girl and got chatting and I bought us both some drinks and we continued laughing and chatting. I then said to her ‘would you like to go outside and have sex?’. She said yes so I said ‘meet me over there over the road in 2/3 mins and I will come and meet you.

‘I left a few minutes later and when I went over the road she was there waiting for me. I’m not the sort of person to do this. But she was a good looking girl and I was attracted to her. I thought she was interested in me to be honest. She gave me all the signs….I didn’t force myself upon her. We had sex and she consented.”

During the trial, Owen testified that the victim never pushed him away, never said no, and agreed to everything. He said he never once used physical force on her.

It took the jury a little over two hours to acquit Owen.

[Feature Photo: Google Maps/Sept. 2016]