Wednesday Crime Stories: Anthony Weiner gets hard time for teen sexting & Missing corpse mystery: Who took Julie Mott?

Anthony Weiner wept after a judge ordered the disgraced politician to serve 21 months in federal prison for obscene messages sent to a teen girl. Earlier sexting scandals cost Weiner his job as a congressman and destroyed his hopes to be New York’s mayor.

Criminal profiler Pat Brown, victim advocate Mark Klaas, and Crime Stories contributing reporter Scott Kimbler join Nancy Grace in this episode to discuss Weiner’s sordid online history and what happens next.

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Death care legal expert Wendy Russell Wiener joins Nancy and the team to look at the mystery surrounding Julie Mott, a young Texas woman who died two years ago. Mott’s remains vanished from her casket inside a funeral home hours after her funeral and before it could be transported for cremation.

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