Hugh Hefner’s wife left out of will: Crystal Harris, 60 years younger than her husband, signed ‘iron-clad’ prenup

Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner died on Wednesday at the age of 91, leaving behind an iconic legacy and vast fortune.

But Hefner’s third wife, Crystal Harris, 31, may not see much from his estate, which is estimated to be worth at least $42 million, excluding the value of the Playboy mansion. Us Weekly reports that Harris, who married Hefner in 2012, signed an “iron-clad” prenuptual agreement before their marriage that meant she would not be added to Hefner’s will.

A source told Us Weekly at the time that the media mogul’s fortune will be divided among his four children, the University of Southern California film school, and various charities.

In 2016, Hefner sold his mansion to his neighbor, Daren Metropoulos of Metropoulos & Co, for $100 million, Page Six reports. The terms of the deal included a provision that Hefner could remain living at the mansion until his death, and would pay the new owner $1 million a year in rent.

Harris is currently living in the mansion, and Metropoulos is expected to renovate the property, connecting it to his own existing estate next door. A timeline for when renovations are expected to begin is not yet known.

Even though his wife was not in his will, Hefner had a reputation for generosity, so it’s unlikely the former Playboy Playmate will be left high and dry.

Hefner, who died of natural causes, will be buried in Westwood Memorial Park — next to Marilyn Monroe.


Feature photo: Associated Press