Judge stabs wife after she finds texts from mysterious woman on his phone, convinces her to blame it on intruder

The wife of an Arizona judge has admitted that she and her husband originally lied to police about who was responsible for stabbing her.

The New York Post reports that Tempe Municipal Judge Thomas Robinson has admitted to stabbing his wife ten times during a martial spat last month. But the couple initially blamed the stabbing on an intruder.

According to the Arizona Republic, Robinson and his wife, who had not been identified, both told police that an intruder entered their home on August 25 and stabbed the woman several times.

The couple reportedly waited until the afternoon to take the woman to the hospital, though she was stabbed in the morning. When detectives arrived to the hospital, the couple told them that Robinson had left the door unlocked when he went to go for a walk earlier that day, and came home to find his wife with multiple stab wounds. The couple told police they did not want an investigation into the incident, and did not want to press charges.

But on September 21 the woman had a change of heart: She called police and told them it was her husband who stabbed her, and that they both lied to police because they didn’t want Robinson to get into trouble. She explained that on the morning of the alleged stabbing, she found a text message on her husband’s phone from a number she didn’t recognize.

According to a police report obtained by the Arizona Republic, she called the number and a woman answered the phone. When she confronted her husband, she claimed he attacked her with a kitchen knife and threatened to kill her.

Robinson allegedly stabbed her ten times before he stopped and apologized. In an interview with police, the suspect reportedly confessed to the stabbing and to conspiring with his wife to covering up the crime.

His wife has since filed a restraining order against him.

Tempe city officials have reportedly put Robinson on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.

He is being held on $50,000 bond, and due in court for a hearing on October 3.


Feature photo: Tempe Police