Mom admits to drowning baby boy in kitchen sink: Police

A North Carolina woman is behind bars after police say she murdered her toddler son. A recently-released autopsy report revealed the boy died after he drowned in a kitchen sink.

FOX8 reports that authorities arrested Angela Maria Olson, 41, in January 13, at her home off of Dennis Road in Jacksonville. They found her in the attic lying next her deceased son, Tyler Rex Ordway, 1. Olson is charged with the boy’s murder.

Detective D. Gallardo with the Jacksonville Police Department said the child’s father, Larry Ordway, reported his son, Tyler, and his girlfriend, Olson, as missing on the morning of January 13. Ordway later went home and searched for Olson and his son throughout his residence and neighborhood.

At around 6:00 p.m., he found them in the attic. The boy was unresponsive. First responders arrived to the home at around 6:07 p.m. They transported the toddler an ambulance, but couldn’t save him. Tyler was pronounced dead at 6:15 p.m.

According to JDNews, an autopsy report signed by William Kelly on Aug. 9, 2017, indicated that Tyler died from drowning by homicide. Authorities stated that Olson admitted she drowned her son in the kitchen sink in her home.

“There is froth in the airway and from the nose consistent with drowning. A small amount of recent food and clear fluid is in the stomach. The clear fluid is consistent with water in the stomach. In this pathologist’s opinion, the cause of death is drowning and the manner of death is homicide,” the autopsy read.

Olson is currently in jail without bail. Her next scheduled court hearing is Jan. 2, 2018. So far, the motive remains unclear.

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[Feature Photo: Onslow County Sheriff’s Office]