Hefner’s widow not left out of the estate, gets millions and a mansion: Report

Hugh Hefner’s treatment of women continued to be a topic of discussion in the days following his death Wednesday at the age of 91.

The founder of Playboy was married to Crystal Harris, 60 years his junior, in 2012, and early reports after his death indicated a prenuptial agreement Harris signed prior to their wedding meant she had no claim to her husband’s multimillion-dollar estate.

While CrimeOnline previously reported on evidence of an “ironclad” agreement reached before Hefner walked down the aisle for the third time, we noted it was “unlikely the former Playboy Playmate will be left high and dry.”

TMZ shed new light on the story in an exclusive report published Saturday.

First, the outlet claimed to have a document it represented as the deed to the nearly 6,000-square-foot home Hefner bought four years ago, apparently as a gift for his new wife. The four-bedroom, five-bath home, which boasts a number of high-end amenities including an infinity pool, is reportedly in Harris’ name.

The report went on to note that, according to TMZ’s sources, the agreement Harris signed prior to her marriage to Hefner included a clause that would leave her with $5 million upon his death.

In addition to his widow and four children, AOL reports some of Hefner’s estimated $43 million estate will be donated to charitable organizations and given to the University of Southern California.

Hefner was additionally the target of posthumous criticism over his 1992 decision to spend $75,000 to purchase the crypt beside Marilyn Monroe.

Though he never met the iconic blonde, he purchased the rights to photos she posed for early in her career, which he used to make her his magazine’s first cover model.

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