Jim Carrey slams family of suicide ex-girlfriend; claims they pressured her to fake an STD for money

Jim Carrey has countersued the mother and husband of his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White, who took her own life with an overdose of prescription pills, some that were allegedly prescribed to the Hollywood star under a pseudonym.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, White’s mother Brigid Sweetman and her estranged husband Mark Burton filed a wrongful death claim against Carrey, claiming he was responsible for Cathriona’s suicide. The suit alleges that Carrey provided her with the drugs she used to kill herself and gave her an STD and abandoned her when she told him about it, which worsened her depression.

Carrey has fought back, filing a countersuit on Friday. In court filings obtained by the New York Daily News, Carrey claims that the alleged herpes White claimed he gave her was the result of a botched waxing job, and that her family pressured her to falsely blame Carrey for the STD in an attempt to exact revenge and get money from him. The suit claims that White had herpes before the two began dating.

The lawsuit claims that after the couple broke up, White began making financial demands of Carrey through her lawyer Filippo Marchino.

The lawyer and White’s estranged husband, who Carrey has claimed White married for a green card, “encouraged, pressured, and pushed Cat to get millions of dollars from Jim and to take him for all that she could,” according to the court papers.

“For her part, Cat was angry and upset by the breakup, and wanted to hurt Jim as badly as she could.”

At the time, Carrey agreed to an undisclosed settlement, and the New York Daily News reports that the couple briefly reconciled after he determined that White’s family had pressured her into the legal claims.

Now he says he regrets that.

“I will not give in a second time to these same fraudulent charges initiated by Cat’s husband in name but not substance, Mark Burton, and her estranged mother,” Carrey said in a statement.

“I was clearly blinded by my affection. Regardless, I will hold a place of empathy, and forgiveness for Cat and continue to focus on the many blessings in this life.”


Feature photo: Associated Press