OJ Simpson seeking six-figure payday for first post-prison interview: Report

Disgraced NFL legend O.J. Simpson’s post-prison plans have routinely been the subject of media speculation, leading to multiple reports that he might be considering the best way to turn his release into a payday.

Media appearances, from interviews to reality television contracts, have been mentioned as possible avenues for Simpson, who is serving the final days of a nine-year robbery sentence at a Nevada prison. The New York Post spoke to a “longtime confidant” who claimed to have discussed those prospects with Simpson.

“He’s not talking for free,” the unnamed source said regarding Simpson’s first interview after his release.

“It has to be the big one,” the individual continued, “because he’s only going to do it one time and it has to be worth his while.”

Talking specifics, the Post reported that its source confirmed Simpson will be asking for up to $5 million for an exclusive interview, and he has his eye on certain media programs.

The report included a number of network hosts, including Matt Lauer and Megyn Kelly of NBC and Oprah Winfrey, who is now a correspondent for CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

None of the networks mentioned have publicly responded to the report as of this writing.

The lengthy Post report also cited a source who indicated Simpson will be courting reality television gigs when he’s out of prison.

“There are companies who have made it known that a television show documenting what he’ll be doing, how he’ll greet his kids and what his golf game like, is a viable and potentially lucrative project because people still care,” the source said. “They still want to see O.J. for better or worse.”

Simpson, who was acquitted of the 1994 double murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her acquaintance, Ronald Goldman, will not see much of any money he brings in regardless of what he chooses to do.

The 70-year-old is scheduled to be released on parole as early as Monday, but with a more than $33 million civil judgment against him on behalf of Goldman’s family.

[Featured image: Associated Press]