‘There was no choice’: Pregnant woman runs toward gunfire to help ambushed cop

A border patrol agent in Florida was critically injured when he was ambushed and shot several times outside of an Oakleaf supermarket, but he received some much-needed aid at the scene thanks in part to a brave bystander.

When Shelby Floyd-Berrios heard gunshots from the salon where she was working, she told WTLV that she saw “no other option” aside from trying to help the victim. The expectant mother did not let being five months along in her pregnancy slow her down.

“I saw him go down, and there was no choice in my mind,” Floyd-Berrios said. “I wasn’t going to let someone lay there and die.”

As she made her way to the as-yet unidentified federal agent, she said she did not have any idea who was involved or if an active shooter was still on the scene. According to her manager, Charlene Mann, Floyd-Berrios was only concerned with helping others.

She told her boss that she had “been to nursing school” before she “bolted” out of the salon toward the commotion, Mann said.

For Floyd-Berrios, however, she said she and the others rushing to the scene were thinking that they “just wanted to make sure this person is safe.”

She was soon joined by a number of other local workers, including some from the Publix grocery store and others from a nearby doctor’s office. It was only after she started to apply pressure to the bleeding victim that she realized he was an officer.

“I didn’t even know that he was law enforcement until I got over there and saw his holster and his uniform,” she said.

As she looked closer, she realized she was giving first aid to a former customer.

Floyd-Berrios called the man “really sweet and noble,” applauding the way he “serves our community” and promising “a big hug” will be waiting for him when he returns to the salon after his recovery.

She and the other bystanders did not learn until after the initial crisis that the suspect in the shooting was found in his car, dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot.

The New York Daily News reported that the officer was carrying groceries out of the supermarket at the time he was shot. No possible motive for the shooting has been announced.

[Featured image: Screenshot/WTLV]