‘We’re all going to die’: Woman says Vegas concertgoers received ominous warning just before shooting

In the days since the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, questions about its cause have gone unanswered.

While details about the gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, have come out since he opened fire on a group of concertgoers from his hotel room, no suspected motive for the attack has been announced.

Investigators have looked into his financial statements, probed for possible ties to terror groups, and sought out anyone who might have had prior knowledge of Paddock’s intentions.

The experience recalled by one woman who attended the ill-fated concert only raised more questions.

Brianna Hendricks told KSNV that a woman in attendance with her boyfriend prior to the shooting was escorted out of the arena for telling those around her they were going to die.

“Obviously she was tell us that either to tell us to warn us or to tell us that we’re all going to die and she was part of it,” Hendricks said.

In retrospect, she said she “thought it had a positive correlation” to the mass shooting that came a short time later.

Hendricks described the woman and her boyfriend as Hispanic, saying they “just looked like everyday people.”

She said the woman “pushed her way forward” to the front row and started “messing with a lady in front of her, telling her she was going to die” before security removed her from the venue.

“None of us knew it was going to be serious,” Hendricks said.

Though she made it back to her hotel a few minutes before the gunfire began, she said she is left with the weight of ominous words the woman at the concert said.

“It makes me feel uncomfortable,” Hendricks said. “Especially coming her for my 21st birthday and not even knowing if I’m safe going home tomorrow on an airplane.”

[Featured image: Youtube screenshot/BuzzyNews UK]