Thursday Crime Stories: Wife reveals Vegas massacre terror, how hero-husband saved her & her search for mystery man

Beri and Jason Adams described how they escaped the intense gunfire raining down on them at the Harvest 91 festival in Las Vegas Sunday night. Their dramatic story needs one more piece of information. They never got the last name of a young man who let them into his black Kia Soul and drove them away from the massacre. Jason took this photo of Eric, who risked his life to drive back to the scene to rescue others after he dropped the Adams couple off at a safe place. If you know Eric, email us at

“We were pretty much caged in there, there was no way out,” Jason told Nancy. “He’s continuing to unload bullets and we have no idea where he is, it was complete chaos.”

People were so desperate to flee, they left behind shows, purses and sunglasses.

“People literally ran out of their boots trying to escape the situation,” Jason said.

He stopped running long enough to help untangle a woman who was caught in wire. The couple used an ATV as a ladder to climb over a 9-foot fence, but Beri’s legs were severely bruised by the climb.

Once out, they flagged down a passing car — driven by Eric.

“We were just holding hands and comforting each other in the car,” Jason said.

Eric, a total stranger to the couple, drove them back to safety, to their hotel. [Photo: Provided]
“It was surreal, it happened but it didn’t happened,” Beri Adams tells Nancy. “I know in my mind there are people who are not going home to their families. There is no rhyme or reason as to what happened.”

The full interview is in Thursday’s Crimes Stories podcast. Investigative reporter Art Harris, Los Angeles psychoanalyst Dr. Bethany Marshall and crime scene investigator Sheryl McCollum also discuss the latest in the probe.

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