EXCLUSIVE: We found Vegas hero ‘Eric’ who drove husband and wife survivors to safety

Crime Stories’ call for help in identifying the hero driver who plucked Jason and Beri Adams from the chaos of the Las Vegas massacre was answered. Listeners pointed us to Eric Gomez, who joins Nancy Grace for a reunion with the woman he rescued.

Nancy also discusses the latest on investigation into what motivated shooter Stephen Paddock and how he possibly planned other attacks. She is joined by RadarOnline reporter Alexis Tereszcuk and forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan in this Crime Stories episode.

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DNA testing on bone fragments purported to be those of Natalee Holloway are not remains from the missing Alabama woman, according to revelations in the final episode of Oxygen’s docu-series “The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway.” Grace, Morgan and investigative reporter Art Harris discuss what is now known.

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[Feature Photo: Jason and Beri Adams]