OJ Simpson’s post-prison plans include finding ‘gorgeous company’ at infamous brothel: Sources

Disgraced NFL star O.J. Simpson’s post-prison pursuits continue to be the subject of substantial media speculation.

Following his release earlier this month after spending nine years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping, sources close to Simpson have leaked information about his interests — both professional and personal.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, one source said Simpson will be courting a multimillion-dollar payday from a network interested in airing his first exclusive interview following his release. In a subsequent report, another insider claimed to offer a more intimate look into Simpson’s motivations.

Page Six spoke to an unnamed source who said the 70-year-old has been in communication with the Bunny Ranch, which provides services in an area of Nevada where prostitution is legal.

The source said Simpson has “sent word” to the brothel, and owner Dennis Hof provided even more details in an interview with the Radar Online.

Hof said he believes “things are going down,” adding he has already been advised about a noteworthy preference expressed his infamous prospective client.

According to Hof, longtime Simpson friend Tom Scotto called him to request “a Nicole Brown lookalike.”

Years before going to prison for a 2007 robbery, Simpson was acquitted of the 1994 murders of Brown, who was his ex-wife, and her acquaintance, Ron Goldman. He was later ordered to pay Goldman’s family more than $33 million as a result of a related civil suit.

“Scotto is going to come up here next week and check it out and then go back down to Vegas,” Hof said of the current plans. “Then we’re all going to get together and hang out and party a little bit and have some fun with some gorgeous company.”

He acknowledged the terms of Simpson’s parole could prevent a simple visit to his business.

“It all depends on O.J.’s schedules and meeting with the parole officers,” he said.

Still, he remained confident the plan is “going to happen,” adding he and “the Bunny Ranch girls are anxious for O.J.’s visit.”

[Featured image: Brooke Keast/Nevada Department of Corrections via AP]