WATCH: O.J. Simpson allegedly stages paparazzi run-in to show his reaction to Vegas shooting

Did O.J. Simpson stage a paparazzi run-in? According to reports, the former NFL player, recently released from prison, set up the run-in in a possible, alleged attempt to sell a reaction video about the Las Vegas massacre.

Page Six reports that Simpson reportedly staged the run-in on Wednesday evening, while leaving a Vegas country club.

“My thoughts and prayers are with everyone,” Simpson said to an unknown photog while walking out of the restaurant. “It’s horrible, horrible.”

A TMZ photographer said he overheard Simpson talking about the shoot with people at his dinner table before he left the country club. Simpson allegedly planned out what he wanted to say with another photographer before exiting the country club. When the TMZ photog caught wind of Simpson’s plan, he followed him outside.

Simpson’s photog wasn’t happy with competition, and attempted to get the TMZ photog out of way. When Simpson realized what happened, he fled to his car, ignoring questions directed at him.

TMZ reports that the country club run-in seemed identical to a previous incident, in which a photog found Simpson in a car at an isolated gas station, shortly after his prison release. It’s still unconfirmed if Simpson is actually taking money for the reported staged run-ins, but if so, it’s clearly a violation of the federal tax law, according to TMZ,

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