Man beaten, stabbed nearly to death with slit throat for talking to suspect’s girlfriend: Cops

Two Utah men are facing attempted murder charges for a brutal beating authorities say took place in a park restroom on July 29.

According to police documents, Bradley Eppley and Bradley Keyworth orchestrated a plan to entice the unnamed victim to the location so they could attack him. The beating is believed to have been in retaliation for Keyworth having heard his girlfriend talking to the victim on the phone, according to KTVX.

Investigators believe Eppley contacted the victim, pretending to be someone else, and asked him to come drink with him in the park.

When Eppley and Keyworth arrived, they saw the individual was already at the planned meeting spot and ushered him to a nearby restroom.

Once inside, Keyworth allegedly began a conversation about their shared romantic interest, which ended when the victim disparaged the woman.

Keyworth then punched the victim and Eppley joined in by stabbing him multiple times, arresting documents claim.

The beating only ended, authorities say, after the victim had fallen to the restroom floor, been kicked in the face by Keyworth and had his throat slit by Eppley.

He survived, but had to undergo multiple surgeries as a result of his serious injuries.

Police think Eppley grabbed the victim’s phone and both men fled the scene.

They were not identified until the following month, at which time the victim was reportedly able to pick them out of a photo lineup.

Both men face felony charges of aggravated attempted murder and robbery.

Eppley was taken into custody Tuesday. Keyworth was reportedly not arrested.

According to the Standard-Examiner, a summons was issued Wednesday for Keyworth to appear in district court next month.

[Featured image: Weber County Jail]