Suspect injures four cyclists when he plows through charity ride and flees the scene: Cops

After four bicyclists were injured, some severely, in a hit-and-run collision Saturday, police have arrested a 21-year-old man on suspicion that he deliberately ran the riders off of the road and fled the scene.

Novato, California resident Aaron Michael Paff, a maintenance worker for the city of Marin, was in custody Sunday at Marin County Jail with bail set at $50,000, according to The Mercury News.

Police believe he was driving the blue Dodge Ram pickup truck witnesses reported seeing swerve into a group of bicyclists participating in a weekend benefit ride, according to KNTV.

According to the California Highway Patrol, four riders were injured in the collision late Saturday morning.

Spencer Fast, 48, of Mill Valley, had to be airlifted from the scene and transported to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital for what were described as major injuries. Three others were taken to a local hospital by ambulance.

The driver of the truck drove away from the scene in a move police say was captured by the helmet camera of a passing motorcyclist.

After viewing that footage and sharing details with the public, authorities zeroed in on Paff as their suspect.

State police spokesperon Andrew Barclay thanked those who responded to an earlier bulletin asking for help identifying and locating the driver.

Capt. Robert Mota agreed, calling the arrest “a team effort between law enforcement and the public” that “goes to show how an engaged and concerned group of people can provide vital information in this type of incident.”

Paff was tracked to a home in Novato, where he was arrested Saturday evening. In front of the residence, police say they found a blue Dodge Ram missing its passenger-side mirror.

The vehicle was considered evidence and taken by police, according to The Mercury News.

“Mr. Paff cooperated with investigators and provided statements regarding the incident,” a police statement read. “Following the interview, Mr. Paff was booked into Marin County Jail on the charge of felony hit-and-run causing injury.”

[Featured image: California Highway Patrol]