WATCH: Angry man jumps on school bus after someone allegedly throws a bottle at him

During traffic on Thursday in Baltimore, a man became angry when someone inside a school bus reportedly threw a bottle at him. He got out of his car and jumped onto the bus, in a bizarre incident caught on camera.

ABC reports that 68-year-old Leverne Doran grabbed onto the front of the school bus and began banging his fists on the hood when the driver refused to open the door for him. The driver told police he feared for his life after he saw the man acting erratically. The driver continued to drive the bus with Doran clinging to the front, shouting and punching.

An off-duty officer noticed Doran, and luckily intervened before anyone got hurt. Doran was taken to jail and charged with disorderly conduct and destruction of property.

Authorities said they are investigating whether someone actually threw a bottle from the bus.

[Feature Photo: Screenshot/ABC]