Woman stabs man in back with cake knife at 1-year-old’s birthday party: Cops

A toddler’s birthday party was interrupted Sunday when an adult attendee was stabbed in the back with a knife being used to cut the cake, KOKH reported.

Police say witnesses recalled seeing a dispute between the male victim and 40-year-old Alenea Bright during a party being held for a 1-year-old child in Oklahoma City.

Bright allegedly became upset with the man and began trying to pull a child out of his arms. At some point, another individual reportedly punched the victim as others intervened in an effort to break up the altercation.

KOKH reported that the argument began when the man stated he wanted to take his child home for the night.

Available reports do not provide specific details about the relationship between Bright and the victim.

The account reported by KFOR differs, alleging the victim was attempting to break up an argument between two other party attendees.

In any case, authorities believe Bright grabbed a knife from the birthday cake and used it to stab the victim in the back.

Police responded to a local convenience store, where several party attendees had gone to report the stabbing. By the time authorities arrived, the victim was lying in the parking lot, according to KFOR.

At the scene, police records indicate a witness showed officers where the man was stabbed.

Witnesses reportedly identified Bright as the assailant and she was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

As KFOR reports, she denied involvement in the stabbing when speaking to arresting officers. The victim’s condition was not immediately available.