Crime scene tape

Two dead after gun battle over imaginary girlfriend

The suspect was found dead in a home after leading police on violent chase, and reportedly aiming his gun at an elementary school

A mentally ill man in Florida shot a friend of his mother’s after accusing the man of hitting on his girlfriend, who was not real. After the shooter fired at responding officers, he was found dead inside his mother’s home.

WTSP reports that Brian Disario, 30, shot and killed family friend David James Armstrong after believing that the victim made a pass at his imaginary girlfriend. Disario reportedly fired at Armstrong in the garage of his mother’s home, injuring him, before getting another gun from the house and shooting him again.

“We believe the victim was not immediately killed, he was on the ground wounded,” after the suspect first shot him,┬áPasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told the news station.

The suspect’s mother and her boyfriend ran to a neighbor’s house to call police, as Disario ran through the neighborhood, still armed, in the direction of an elementary school.

“One of the witnesses stated that he saw the suspect actually point the gun at the school,” Nocco said.

Responding officers approached the suspect in the street, and he began firing at them. The man and the officers engaged in what Nocco decribed as a “gun battle” before the suspect ran back to his mother’s home.

There, police set up a perimeter around the home, before the suspect was killed — but it is not yet clear exactly how he died, whether by police gunfire or a self-inflicted injury.

A sheriff’s robot reportedly found Disario’s body in the home. The suspect has a history of mental illness.

None of the officers were injured in the gunfire.