Murder suspect sends lewd ‘sexts’ to multiple women the same day he allegedly killed a young mother at the gym: Report

An Indiana man suspecting of murdering a woman at the gym was allegedly sending ‘sexts’ to other women before and after the brutal killing.

Fox 59 reports that Cody Weir, 25, was arrested on suspicion of murdering 23-year-old Carina Rodriguez at her apartment building gym in Avon.

A building resident reportedly discovered the young woman’s body at the gym early Friday morning. Her precise cause of death has not been released.

“There were some suspicious injuries. When they examined the body they found things that gave them pause. We called in crime lab and are treating it as a murder investigation,” Indiana Metropolitan Police Deputy Chief Chris Bailey told reporters.

Weir was reportedly seen on surveillance camera entering the apartment building near the time of the murder. Police arrested him on Friday night.

“You could tell he knew why we were there,” IMPD Chief Bryan Roach told Fox 59. “[He was] tearful at one point, knew it was happening, knew it was coming I think.”

A high school acquaintance of the suspect told the news station that she received numerous lewd Facebook messages from Weir on Thursday night and throughout Friday.

“It was pretty nasty, I’m not going to get into it,” Jessica Haines told Fox 59. “But it wasn’t anything you’d want your daughter to be receiving on her phone.”

She also said she wasn’t the only recipient of the vile messages, some that included partially nude photos of the suspect.

“I know about eleven different women who got the same kind of messages as me around the same time frame,” she said.

Weir remains in custody on preliminary murder charges. An autopsy is scheduled to be completed on Monday.


[Feature photo: Indiana Metropolitan Police]