Angry woman pours scorching hot nacho cheese on 7-Eleven clerk: Police

Police arrested a Florida woman after she allegedly became so irate she threw a sandwich and scorching hot nachos cheese on a convenience store clerk on early Monday morning in Melbourne.

Miami Herald reports that Stephanie Hicks walked into the 7-Eleven convenience store at at 1262 Aurora Road, at around 1:30 a.m. on Monday morning. She picked up a sandwich and attempted to make herself some nachos.

The store clerk, Ann Marie Laflamme, told Hicks not to open the cheese dispenser, which reportedly upset Hicks, police reported. The suspect told police she poured some cheese for herself regardless, then walked up to the counter and told Laflamme she didn’t care for the attitude.

At that point, Laflamme refused service to Hicks and didn’t allow her to pay for her items, which apparently infuriated Hicks to the point that she threw her sandwich and cheese sauce at the clerk.

According to the police report, officers arrived at the scene and saw Laflamme with “yellow nacho cheese on her hands, her foot, and on the floor behind the register.” Laflamme wasn’t injured, but she said that after Hicks doused her with hot cheese, she screamed, “the customer is always right.” A surveillance camera at the store caught the incident.

Police arrested Hicks and charged her with battery for “wilfully and intentionally throwing hot cheese and a sandwich at Laflamme with the intent to cause her harm.” Hicks spent the night in Brevard County Jail and bailed out the following morning.

[Feature Photo: Melbourne PD]