Teens admit to savage torture and murder of 15-year-old girl that was recorded on video

Three teenagers have pleaded guilty to involvement in a brutal gang killing of a 15-year-old girl earlier this year.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, prosecutors allege that Damaris Alexandra Reyes Rivas was brutally tortured on a cold January night before she was stabbed to death in what authorities have surmised was a revenge killing.

Rayas, who lived in Gaithersburg, Maryland, reportedly told her mother that she was being threatened by gang members at school before she left home in December. In early January, the suspects allegedly kidnapped her, taking her in a car to Lake Accotink in Springfield, Virginia, where she was allegedly forced to stand in the snow with no shirt or shoes on, and then forced to stand in freezing water.

According to the New York Post, prosectors said that Rayas was stabbed with a stick and a knife by members of the gang MS-13, before the suspects dumped her body under a highway overpass.

Three of those alleged gang members reportedly pleaded guilty to multiple charges in connection with the teen’s killing: Cindy Blanco Hernandez, 19, Aldair J. Miranda Carcamo, 18, and Emerson Fugon Lopez, 17, have made a deal with prosecutors in exchange for testifying against other gang members believed to be directly involved in the killing, the New York Post reports.

In total, 18 people were arrested in the murder plot, which is believed to be in retaliation for 21-year-old Christian Sosa Rivas’s murder. Sosa Rivas’s girlfriend¬†Venus Romero Iraheta, 17, reportedly believed that Rayas was involved in the killing, and is one of the suspected gang members charged in the 15-year-old’s death.

The suspects are believed to have recorded the teen girl’s torture and murder on video. The New York Post reports that authorities discovered the video while they were investigating the death of Sosa Rivas.


[Feature photo: Fox News 5 screenshot/Damaris Reyes Rivas]