Hate crime charges for man who stabbed Army Lt. Richard W. Collins III to death: Police

Authorities charged a white student at the University of Maryland with a hate crime after police said he fatally stabbed a black student, according to the Washington Post.

The charges come after investigators reportedly reviewed Sean Urbanski’s phone and social media activity. A grand jury handed down the additional charge as Urbanski, 22, was already charged with the murder of Army 2nd Lt. Richard W. Collins III.

Urbanski allegedly stabbed Collins while he visited friends at the University of Maryland. Police said the attack was “totally unprovoked.” Collins was set to graduate soon from Bowie State University.

[Photo: Handout]
A state attorney did not want to comment on what evidence they found of a racial motive, but said local authorities found “lots of digital evidence.” The state attorney described the killing as “unjustified and premeditated.”

The state attorney said the evidence led investigators to believe “… Collins was murdered because of his race.”

Collins’ death sparked emotions after officers announced there were looking into a possible connection between Urbanski and a Facebook page which investigators said contained racist and inflammatory material.

A police report shows Collins and two friends were at a bus stop on campus when Urbanski approached and told Collins, “Step left, step left if you know what’s best for you.” Collins reportedly refused to move. The report said Urbanski then pulled a knife and stabbed Collins.

Police said Urbanski fled, but was found a short time later with a knife in his pocket.The entire incident was captured on video according to prosecutors.

Urbanski’s trial is scheduled for this coming January.

[Photo: Police Handout]