Hunt for church-going mother’s killer reveals dark family secrets

‘She’s probably one of the most beautiful things that happened to me in my life’

Police in Maryland made the grisly discovery of the body of a mother of two teens inside her car in 2010, in a parking lot at the edge of a wooded area, according to CrimeWatchDaily. Detectives are still looking for the person who took the life of a woman described as loving and caring.

Officers said they believe Sandy Long was stabbed to death by someone she may have known.

Police said Sandy’s husband has been questioned and was given a polygraph which he passed. Officers said the husband also has an alibi which checks out.

CrimeWatchDaily spoke with Sandy’s daughter who alleged at least one incident of a sexual advance from Sandy’s husband; however, Sandy’s husband denied the incident occurred.

“She’s (wife) probably one of the most beautiful things that happened to me in my life,” Louis Long said.

“Funny, loved to cook, fun to be around, loved to dance. Spunky person,” he adds.

Long’s family described here as generous and said she loved her job in which she drove people with disabilities to and from their jobs. The family said Sandy spent every bit of her spare time with her family.

“She was a great cook. We grew up together in the same neighborhood, so we had the opportunity to spend so much time with each other,” said Tisa Crowner, Sandy’s cousin.

“She was a giving person. She would literally take her last and give it to you,” Sandy’s sister DeLois Johnson adds. “She was just a kind soul.”

Investigators reportedly made the discovery on November 30, 2010, after Sandy went to pick up one of her disabled clients. An aunt who lives next door to Sandy said she remembers waving goodbye. The aunt said the mother seemed in good spirits, but the aunt said she somehow got the eerie feeling something was not right.

“I stood here and watched her until she got out of sight up there. I kept saying ‘There’s something funny,’ something kept dawning on me something was funny.”

Police said the processing of Sandy’s car uncovered her brother-in-law’s DNA on the steering wheel.

The brother-in-law reportedly told police he once moved Sandy’s vehicle in a driveway, explaining the reason for his DNA found in the car. He also denies the allegation he murdered Sandy.

Police said their investigation also revealed Sandy had a year-long affair with a man and had recently ended it. Sandy’s husband didn’t find out about the affair until after his wife was killed.

Police urge anyone with information call Calvert CountyCrime Solvers at (410) 535-2880. There is a $5,300 reward for information leading to a conviction.

[Feature Photo: Screenshot/CrimeWatchDaily]