Last person to see Iraq veteran Chase Massner alive indicted after body is found in back yard

A grand jury in Georgia has indicted Brad Clement after accusations he buried Iraq war veteran, Chase Massner, in the backyard of a home he once owned in Kennesaw, Georgia, according to CBS46 in Atlanta.

Clement, 31, was indicted on charges of concealing a death and making a false statement.

Police said Clement was the last person to see Chase Massner alive, March 27, 2014. Massner was a father of two, husband and an Iraq war veteran.

In August, Police uncovered Massner’s remains after a private canine search. Investigators said the remains were found in a shallow grave and were badly decomposed. A medical examiner would later classify the cause and manner of Massner’s death as undetermined.

Clement reportedly cooperated with police for more than three years, but told them he had nothing to do with Massner’s disappearance. He admits officers asked him to take a polygraph early on, which he said he declined because his “emotions would have been all over the place,” due to the accusations, according to an interview Clement did with CBS46.

Clement said on the night of March 26, 2014, he picked Massner up from a QT where the Iraq war veteran worked. Clement said the two went back to Clement’s home where they discussed Massner’s marital problems all night long until Massner fell asleep.

Clement said roofers came to repair his home the next morning. He said he then moved Chase to a spare bedroom, but after running several errands, he returned home and discovered Chase had disappeared.

Clement first claimed the roofers had seen Chase leave, but the roofers later told Nancy Grace and Crime Online investigative journalist, Leigh Egan, that they never saw Chase. Clement then backtracked in an interview with CBS46 and claimed he simply assumed the roofers saw Chase leave.

Clement has not been charged with murder. His attorney declined to comment on the case.

[Photo: Police Handout/Team Chase]