Two women arrested for ‘dead baby scam’ after panhandling donations with pic of unknown infant: Police

Authorities arrested two California women on Saturday and charged them with fraud after they allegedly panhandled for money for a deceased infant that didn’t belong to them.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that San Bernardino County officers arrested Michele Love, 41, and Chasity Marie Doll, 21, on suspicion of panhandling after they gathered evidence that the two women made up a fabricated story about needing funds to help bury a deceased infant. The suspects were arrested on the corner of Tippecanoe Avenue and Coulston Street.

According to the police report, the suspects both made signs that they held up on the street corner, asking for donations for a supposed dead baby girl. It’s still unclear who the infant if she’s even deceased. Police reiterated that the baby in the photo is not the child of either suspect.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with any information is urged to contact San Bernardino deputies at deputies at 909-387-3545.

[Feature Photo: San Bernardino PD]