Five teens charged as adults after throwing rock off bridge that smashed dad-of-four’s windshield, killing him: Cops

Five teenagers are being charged as adults after police say they threw a large rock off of a Michigan bridge that smashed into the windshield of an oncoming vehicle, killing the driver.

MLive reports that the teens, ages 15-17, were arrested on Monday and charged with conspiracy to commit second-degree murder, malicious destruction of property, and second-degree murder after they allegedly threw a large rock off of the Dodge Road overpass on southbound Interstate 75 in Genesee County, on Oct. 18. The rock smashed into a van being driven by Keneth Andrew White, of Mt. Morris.

White, a father of four children, died from his injuries after a rock weighing around 20 pounds smashed into his windshield and hit him the head.

[Photo: Genesee Sheriff’s Office]
According to police, the following suspects have been arrested in connection with White’s death:

  • Kyle Anger, 17
  • Alexander Miller, 15
  • Trevor Gray, 15
  • Mikaydyn Payne, 15
  • Mark Sekelsky, 15

The suspects are accused of throwing around 20 rocks from a few different overpasses on the night in question, damaging numerous vehicles, according to CNN. They later stopped by a local McDonald’s to eat, police said.

“While some may be saying well we want first-degree murder, I don’t believe there was pre-mediation (to cause a death) here,” said Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell. “I think if there’s any warning both David and I could give, it’s telling young people you make a bad decision you could be spending the rest of your life in prison. This is not a prank.”

“At the end of the day nobody wins. The young people are charged criminally, a young boy lost his father and all of the families are left grieving.”

The suspects face arraignment at the Genesee County Court on Tuesday.

Original Story

By: Mason Bell

A husband and father of was four killed by rock thrown from overpass by teens, police said.

A wife and four children are left without a husband and father after a group of teens threw a big rock off of an overpass, killing a 32-year-old father of Flint, Michigan, on Oct. 18.

Kenneth Andrew White was reportedly on his way home when the rock came crashing through the window of a van in which he was a passenger. Authorities later found two large rocks on the highway. The incident reportedly happened about 16 miles away from Flint, Michigan.

The local sheriff’s department said White was struck in the head by the rock and knocked unconscious immediately. Doctors at a local hospital later pronounced White dead. Four other drivers nearby reported hitting other large rocks, according to MLive.

“Someone threw boulders off the overpass and I saw two come down and ran over one,” said Jim Schultz, a driver.

Schultz said his oil pan was ripped off by one of the rocks and he described the size of one of the rocks as 10-inch by 10-inch and said it was smaller than a basketball. Photos show oil which leaked onto the pavement from Shultz’s vehicle.

Shultz reportedly said he was ‘thankful to be safe’ after he learned of White’s death and sent his prayers to White’s family.

Police believe they have the teens responsible for the incident in custody. Investigators believe the teens threw the rocks from the overpass as part of a prank. Officers are investigating the incident as a potential homicide.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family with burial expenses.

[Feature Photo: Genesee County Sheriff’s Office/GoFundMe]