Tuesday Crime Stories: Tot-girl left for coyotes by dad? Also, help us ID little boy!

PLUS: Are bone remains of American tourist Robyn Gardner?

The body of a small boy washed up on a Galveston, Texas, beach over the weekend, and police need your help in identifying the child. Nancy Grace talks with forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, syndicated radio talk host David Mack, CrimeOnline reporter Jody Jameson and Crime Stories co-host Alan Duke about the mystery.

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The adoptive father of a Texas toddler found dead in a culvert faces an “injury to a child” charge, which police suggest could be revised after the autopsy is completed on little Sherin Mathews. CrimeOnline reporter Leigh Egan joins Nancy to look at the latest in the investigation.

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When DNA testing revealed that bones recently found in Aruba were those of a woman other than Natalee Holloway, it raised questions of whose remains it is. The sister of missing American woman Robyn Gardner is hoping her DNA can be tested to see if the remains could be hers. Grace and experts discuss the latest in this Crime Stories episode.

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