3-year-old dies of blunt force trauma while with caregiver: Police

Georgia authorities said they have initiated a criminal investigation after Kejuan Mason, 3, died as a result of blunt force trauma while being cared for by a temporary caregiver, according to WGCL.

A police report states the caregiver first told officers the child choked on a cupcake she made, but investigators said she later changed her story, stating the child choked on a cupcake the victim and his twin brother made.

The biological mother, Geraldine Mason, told WGCL she left the child, along with his twin, with the caregiver while she served time in jail for reckless conduct for reportedly leaving five of her children home alone.

The mother said the courts would not give her custody of her kids, who were placed in the temporary custody of the caregiver.

The mother reportedly visited her children and said she noticed scars and bruises on them, according to WGCL.

“I had that feeling that something was going wrong … My child did not choke from a cupcake,” Mason said.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the caregiver claimed she and a man present removed the cupcake and the child began breathing again.

The caregiver reportedly claims they later found the child unresponsive when they went to check on him after he had fallen asleep.

In the police report, officers said they were told by paramedics ‘that it appeared he (child) wasn’t breathing for a while.’

Officers said the caregiver’s home was infested with roaches. Meanwhile, officers have not charged anyone in connection with the case.

[Featured image: CBS46/WGCL]