Caretaker charged with murder after claiming 3-year-old choked on cupcake: Police

Investigators charged two Georgia women with murder on Tuesday after questioning her claim that a 3-year-old choked while in her temporary custody and died hours later, according to WGCL.

A criminal investigation reportedly revealed that the child, Kejuan Mason, 3, died of blunt force trauma.

Police charged both Lashirley Morris, 27, and Glenndria Morris, 25, with murder, according to a police press release, Thursday.

Officers said the child’s biological mother temporarily left the victim and his twin brother with Glenndria Morris, while the mother served a reckless conduct sentence for leaving her five children at home alone.

Investigators said Glenndria Morris initially told them the child choked on a cupcake she had made, but officers said she later changed her story, claiming the twins made the cupcakes. She then reportedly told police she helped clear his passageway and at some point the child appeared to be OK.

Glenndria Morris said the children fell asleep and sometime later Kejuan Morris was found unresponsive, prompting caretakers to call 911, according to a police report.

Police indicated in their report that they continued interrogating Glenndria Morris after she gave them conflicting accounts of what transpired, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

Investigators said Glenndria Morris and her sister “did not want to cooperate” and said they refused to give them the biological mother’s contact information.

Officers said when they arrived on the scene a man at the home was administering CPR on the child, according reports. Police said paramedics told them “it appeared he (child) wasn’t breathing for a while,” the incident report added.

Investigators have not indicated how or why they believe Lashirley Morris’ actions, or lack thereof, resulted in the child’s death, other than being, according to their report, “uncooperative” at the scene.

[Featured image: CBS46/WGCL]