‘I’ve chosen to speak out’: Mom rails against online bullying after 12-year-old daughter’s suicide

Three months after her 12-year-old daughter committed suicide, one New Jersey mother is sharing her story in hopes of sparing another family her grief.

“I’ve chosen to speak out about this,” read a widely circulated Facebook post presumably written by Mallory Grossman’s mother.

“And I need your help. We must manage, oversee, and parent our children’s social media use.”

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the middle-school student’s parents had complained prior to her death about bullying by her peers at school.

Her mother expounded on the “humiliation, exclusion and intimidation” she said the girl experienced at school and online.

“We did our best, didn’t allow her to have access to Snap Chat, limited her time, online,” she wrote. “Still, her bullies found access to her … it was their mission.”

She went on to argue that the responsibility to stem the tide of bullying that contributed to her own daughter’s death lies with parents.

“Your JOB as a parent is to teach them, there is always someone better than you, and less fortunate,” she wrote.

She concluded by making her own commitment to change society for the better.

“It’s my mission to educate and create legislation that will hold your children accountable for what they post online,” she wrote. “The laws to force social media parenting are coming. … Start now before you wear my shoes.”

CrimeOnline reported in August that Mallory Grossman’s family initiated a lawsuit against the school district alleging administrators did not act on her behalf after receiving numerous reports of bullying on and off campus.

[Featured image: Facebook/Mallory’s Army]