Little boy, 10, steals car and takes troopers on high-speed chase, spits on them when caught: Police

Authorities said a little boy took them on a high-speed chase after reportedly stealing the car of his mother’s boyfriend, that lasted around 45 miles. reports that the incident started at around 8:30 a.m. on Thursday morning, when the boy took car while his sister, who was supposed to take him to school, was in the shower. His mother and her boyfriend quickly called 911 as the boy drove away. The mother, frantically screamed obscenities to the 911 operator as she got in her own car and drove behind her son off of West 117th Street and later, Interstate 90, in Milan.

“Oh my f—–g god. My son’s going to kill himself before you guys get here.”

An Ohio State Highway Patrol dash camera video caught showed the boy driving the car the wrong way down the Ohio Turnpike, even driving into a ditch to avoid metal spikes an officer laid on the road. Eventually, the troopers closed in on him as the boy continued to drive off-road. On of the trooper’s cruisers struck the car from behind, making the child take a sharp turn and hit another trooper’s cruiser, ending the chase.

The officers had to physically pull the child out of the car via the driver’s side window. The little boy began kicking and spitting at the trooper in an attempt to avoid detainment.

“Easy, easy!” a trooper said as he tried to detain the child.

Once in cuffs, the trooper placed the boy in the back of a cruiser. The 10-year-old showed no emotion on his face as he sat in the backseat.

Shortly after, the boy’s mother arrived and questioned her son. She also told troopers that the child took a family member’s car earlier this month and went on a joyride.

“Why did you do this when I kept trying to get you to stop?” his mother asked. “You could have got killed.”

No one was injured during the incident. The boy later told authorities he took the car simply because he was bored.

[Feature Image: Screenshot/YouTube]