‘Quit putting blame on everybody else!’ Parents of Casey Anthony threaten to sue if she sells her story or stars in reality show

George and Cindy Anthony are sending a stern warning to their only daughter, Casey Anthony. If she tries to profit off of the death of her toddler daughter, Caylee Anthony, whether by selling her story or starring in a reality show, they will sue her.

The New York Post reports that in an upcoming interview with Crime Watch Daily, Cindy Anthony warns her daughter to stay true to herself and to stop blaming others for her mistakes.

“Casey, be true to yourself, start being honest with yourself, and own everything. Quit putting blame on everybody else.”

George Anthony, on the other hand, wasn’t as congenial. He hasn’t had a relationship with Casey since she accused of him of molesting her during her 2008 murder trial. Casey Anthony was eventually found not guilty of killing 3-year-old Caylee, but she damaged her relationship with her father during the process.

“Stay away. Stay away from me. If she wants a relationship again with her mom, she’s got a lot of explaining to do, but I don’t want to hear it no more. I don’t want to see her.”

Both parents agreed they would head straight to court if their daughter goes through with reported plans to profit from anything related to Caylee’s death. Although unconfirmed, US Weekly reported in April that Casey Anthony had been “in talks” with the notorious O.J. Simpson, to star in a reality series together.

“It will give viewers the inside story on the aftermath of living with the horrible crimes they were ultimately acquitted of,” a source reportedly told US Weekly.

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[Feature Photo: AP/Joshua Replogle]