Tot Mom Update: George Anthony says granddaughter Caylee Anthony still visits him

George Anthony says his granddaughter, Caylee, who died in 2008, still comes to visit him at his Florida home and insists he is not imagining things.

People reports that in an interview with Crime Watch Daily, George and his wife, Cindy Anthony, sat down and spoke with host, Chris Hansen, about their daughter, Casey Anthony, and about how their lives changed after enduring one of the most infamous murder trials of all times. Casey Anthony, their only daughter, was accused of killing her own daughter, 3-year-old Caylee, in 2008. A  jury later exonerated Casey in 2011.

“I’ve seen Caylee on a couple of occasions,” George told Hansen.

When Hansen questioned whether George was seeing an apparition of Caylee, George explained that he saw his granddaughter as clear as he saw anyone else.

“No, no. I’ve seen her in the flesh in my house. One time she woke me up in the morning just tapping on me with her little finger like she used to do. ‘JoJo wake up.’ ”

George explained that he wasn’t dreaming, nor was he imagining.

“The strong spirit that was in our house….That’s not an imagination. That’s love, and that’s a connection that I wish more people could have.”

The Anthonys’ full interview will air in Crime Watch Daily on Monday, October 30 (check your local listings for station details).

On Tuesday, CrimeOnline‘s Nancy Grace will discuss George’s revelations on her “Crime Stories” Sirius XM radio show, along with People magazine reporter, Steve Helling.

[Feature Photo: Family Handout]