Monday Crime Stories: Decomposing baby boy found hanging dead in baby swing as child actor claims Hollywood pedophile ring

A couple faces murder charges after their infant son was found rotting in a swing in their Utah home. The baby was allegedly left unattended in a swing for a week before the father called 911 to report the death. Investigators allege the child died from dehydration and starvation. Nancy Grace is looks at the case with Chicago psychologist Dr. Tiffany Sanders, forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, Crime Stories contributing reporter Shelby Lynn, and co-host Alan Duke.

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Corey Feldman wants fans to give him $10 million so he can make a movie exposing what he claims is a long-running pedophile ring in Hollywood. The former child actor says he fears for his life, but the money would help him hire lawyers and security to protect him. Feldman claims to have the names of six Hollywood figures involved in molesting young actors, but he is not yet naming them. Grace and her experts discuss Feldman’s claims.

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RadarOnline reporter Alexis Tereszcuk joins Nancy, Dr. Tiffany and Duke in a discussion about how “Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks is hitting Hollywood after dumping his wife.

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[Featured Image: Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Office]