‘Does it ever end?’ Nancy Grace responds to latest ‘tot mom’ Casey Anthony drama

In the latest episode of Crime Stories, CrimeOnline‘s own Nancy Grace responded to a recent interview that George and Cindy Anthony gave, discussing their daughter Casey Anthony’s mental health.

‘Tot mom’ Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee in a sensational 2011 murder trial, but a cloud of suspicion has followed her since then. Nonetheless, Casey has continued to pursue the spotlight with numerous public sightings — that are likely engineered to get the attention of paparazzi — and rumored plans for a reality show.

“You managed to escape with your own skin, after being charged in the murder of your tot daughter Caylee with overwhelming evidence of guilt, but you keep making the headlines?” Nancy said.

Nancy talked about George and Cindy Anthony’s recent appearance on Crime Watch Daily, in which they said they may sue their daughter if she went forward with a planned reality series. Cindy Anthony also said that if Casey did in fact kill Caylee, she may have blacked out due to a seizure. Both parents said they believe their daughter is mentally ill.

“What, mentally ill for that one hour?” Nancy asked.

During the interview,George Anthony addressed the guilt and longing that led to his suicide attempt, saying he felt like he should have done more to find Caylee when she went missing, and that he wanted to be with her. He also said that Caylee has visited him on more than one occasion in his home.

George also claimed that Casey’s legal defense team tried to pressure him to “fall on his sword” and take the blame for Caylee’s death in order to spare his daughter.

“That is so full of issues and problems I hardly know where to start,” Nancy said, pointing out that the defense team’s attempt to pin the blame on George Anthony — while there was no evidence connecting him to Caylee’s death — shows that they weren’t at all concerned about the facts.

Nancy and Steve Helling from People magazine also discussed their belief that Casey Anthony will sometimes tip off tabloids and magazines about public appearances in exchange for a fee.

“I wonder, what are they going to sell next?” Nancy asked, and clarified that she is in no way critical of George and Cindy Anthony — who she has met several times — calling them “fine people.”

Nancy also said that it’s “entirely believable” that George Anthony is indeed encountering his beloved granddaughter today.

“Just hearing his words is so haunting,” Nancy said.


[Feature photo: Associated Press]