Secretive husband hasn’t told wife of 20 years he lives with HIV after sleeping with male partner

A man who tested positive for HIV two years ago admitted to an Atlanta journalist he has yet to tell his wife of 20 years he has the infection, according to CBS46 News.

“She’s the best thing that happened to my life, as far as marriage,” said ‘Rico’ to CBS46 News.  “She doesn’t know as of yet. My plan is to tell her this Sunday…Within herself, she knows. She knows.”

‘Rico’ agreed to be interviewed on the condition the journalist not show his face and use an alias.  He said he disregarded the advice of a family member when they pushed him to get tested years back.

“One of my relatives saw the partner I was messing with at the time and told me, ‘Man, you better get yourself tested because that person, they might have something,'” said Rico. “The partner that gave me HIV, every time his girlfriend goes to work, he and I were in the bed.”

He said two years ago he got symptoms he could no longer ignore, according to CBS46 News.

“I all-of-a-sudden got nauseated, diarrhea, ended up going to Grady Hospital,” said Rico.

‘Rico’ said he got tested for HIV and the results came back positive.  He said he started medicine to treat the virus and now has an undetectable viral load. Rico said he was told by his doctor, if he stays on the medicine, he can no longer pass the disease to his sexual partners, including his wife.

Rico told the journalist he would notify his wife of his HIV status and then come back to the same spot and share her reaction. On Monday, CBS46 News waited at the bus stop where they had met Rico but he never showed.

It is against federal law for a person who knows they are infected with HIV to have sex with a partner without notifying them first of their HIV status.

[Feature Photo: Pexels]