BREAKING: NYC terror suspect planned additional attack at Brooklyn Bridge; asked to hang ISIS flags in hospital room

The United States Attorney’s Office has released charging documents for Sayfullo Saipov, as federal prosecutors have charged the 29-year-old with terrorism following a deadly truck attack in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon.

U S v Sayfullo Saipov Complaint[1] by EKilloran on Scribd

According to the documents, which are based in part on interviews with the suspect, Saipov had intended to cover more area beyond the bike path along the West Side Highway where his attack killed eight people. Though he stopped and got out of his Home Depot rental truck after crashing into a school bus, he had initially intended to drive to the Brooklyn Bridge and attack pedestrians there.

An NYPD officer at the scene shot Saipov in the abdomen, and he was transported to a hospital. There, according to the charging documents, Saipov asked that ISIS flags be hung in his hospital room. He also reportedly said that he had considered putting ISIS flags on the truck he used in the attack, but reconsidered because he thought it was too suspicious.

Investigators reportedly recovered two cell phones and found a significant amount of ISIS propaganda on them, including violent images and videos. The suspect reportedly chose October 31 — Halloween — for the attack because he presumed there would be a lot of pedestrians in the street. He rented the truck he used in the attack in Pasaic, New Jersey, about an hour before the violence, and had rented trucks in the days leading up to the attack in order to do a practice run.

In an interview with law enforcement officials at the hospital, Saipov reportedly said he felt good about what he had done.


[Feature image: Police handout]