WARNING, Parents: Needles, razors, heroin allegedly found in children’s Halloween candy

Police departments are urging parents and caregivers to check their children’s Halloween candy after needles, razors, and ever heroin were reportedly found inside children’s treats this year.

People reports that a parent in Beaverton, Oregon, contacted the police on Nov. 1 after she reportedly found a razor inside a small Twix candy bar. According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a home near Northwest Cornelius Pass Road and Northwest Quatama Road. The deputies reported that the candy bar packaged appeared loose and the razor looked to be one typically found in pencil sharpeners.

In Wisconsin, a parent called police after finding a dull needle pushed into a Kit Kat bar. The Arcadia Police Department said the needle wasn’t visible until the candy was broken in half, and appeared to be the type of needle used with sewing machines.

In Oak Hill, West Virginia, a mother reported finding heroin inside her child’s candy bag, according to WVNS. The child’s mother told police she was checking her 3-year-old’s candy bag when she discovered a substance wrapped inside a rubber glove. After conducting a test on the substance, the Oak Hill Police Department confirmed it was heroin.

“So of course I dump it out onto the table because I was going to check it, and then when I dumped it out, the little blue finger tip of the glove fell out on top of the pile,” said the mother.

Officers are warning all parents of any children who got candy in the Hidden Valley area of Oak Hill to look through their children’s candy and candy bag thoroughly. Contact police immediately if anything out of the usual is found.

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]