Elementary school worker shot dead by online ‘boyfriend’ after desperately getting protective order

A woman shot to death by her ex-boyfriend while she parked her bicycle in Manhattan had a restraining order against him after he had stalked her for months, the New York Daily News reports.

Police said Vincent Verdi, 62, fatally shot Elizabeth Lee Herman, 56, in the abdomen on Wednesday and then turned the gun on himself in a botched suicide attempt.

She had reportedly been following her to and from her job and to appointments. Verdi even showed up to an establishment where Herman had a date, the NY Daily News reports.

Herman reportedly ended the short relationship with Verdi in July.

Authorities said Verdi continued calling, emailing and sending her chocolates and flowers.

Police arrested him on October 5 on suspicion of stalking and granted Herman a protection order against him, the Daily News reports.

A judge released Verdi after he spent seven days in jail. He was ordered to turn over any weapons, but his attorney told authorities Verdi did not own any.

The morning of the fatal shooting, Herman reportedly thanked her doorman after he told her he had spotted Verdi in the area the day before.

“She said, ‘I don’t understand why he keeps doing this when he knows I have an order of protection … we’re going to be going to court pretty soon,'” the doorman said.

Verdi and Herman reportedly met less than a year ago on Match.com.

“He was pushing himself on her the whole entire time,” said Pat Hudson, Herman’s friend. “But she never really was in love with him.”

Witnesses told the Daily Mail they heard at least three gunshots the day of the shooting.

Herman reportedly died at a hospital as a result of her injuries.

Verdi is listed as critical condition.

He confronted her as she docked her CitiBike before witnesses at the scene told the Daily Mail they heard at least three gunshots.

Police said Herman was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries and was pronounced dead.

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