A race against time: Mom with stage IV lung cancer pleads for help to find her brother, adopted when he was a small boy

A Georgia woman who hasn’t seen her brother in 55 years is desperately hoping to reconnect with him as soon as possible, especially after learning her stage IV lung cancer has taken over her body.

Atlanta’s 11Alive reports that Judy Marks Williams, 59, of Cedartown, Georgia, was the youngest out of seven children born to biological parents, Nancy Doris Fletcher Marks and James Edward Marks. At 2 years of age.

“Four of them stayed with a blood relative, and was raised by them, but they couldn’t take all of us, so three of us got adopted out,” Judy said.

When she was 3, Judy, along with her brother, Nathan, 5 at the time, were adopted together. She recalled that her 8-year-old brother, Billy [pictured], was also adopted, but to a different family. When he realized he wouldn’t stay with his siblings, he promised he’d be back to find them.

Judy and her brother Nathan were adopted together [Photo: Charity Williams]

“I remember when they left us there, [Billy] kind of looked around to see where he was, and he told us, ‘I’ll be back,'” she said.

Judy’s other relatives reconnected with her when she was 17. She said that they’re fairly close, but she still clings to hope that she’ll see Billy again.

“My time is getting shorter, and if he’s going to be found, now is the time to do it,” Judy told 11Alive. “As you’re growing up and you know that you’re adopted and you know there’s others out there, you know a lot of people you look at, you might see a feature and you think, ‘I wonder if that’s them. I wonder.'”

Judy has just one photo of Billy, taken when he was a toddler. A fire destroyed any remaining photos.

The family has tried to find Billy’s adoption records, but haven’t had much luck so far, as the way Billy was adopted is still shrouded in mystery. They aren’t sure where he was adopted from, but Judy thinks she was born in Aragon, Georgia.

CrimeOnline spoke with Judy’s daughter, Charity, shortly after her story released, who acknowledged her morhter is indeed battling stage IV cancer and her hope is to find Billy before time runs out. Her daughter, Charity, told CrimeOnline that the cancer has spread to several parts of her body.

“It has spread to the brain, liver, & bones (right shoulder, left collar bone, left ribs, right hip, & thoracic, lumbar, & cervical spine).”

Regardless, the family is determined to keep going until they find Billy. Judy recently ordered a DNA kit from Ancestry.com, looking for any matches that could possibly bring her closer her to brother or even help her find his possible children or grandchildren.

“Billy if you see or hear this, please know we are looking for you. If you don’t want to be found please just let us know, if you do, we are easily found,” Judy told CrimeOnline.

If you know Billy, feel free to contact Charity Williams on her Facebook page. She said she checks it hourly. You can also send tips to CrimeOnline at tips@crimeoneline.com.

We’ll continue to follow Judy in her quest to find her brother. Check back  as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Charity Williams]