Driver runs over trick-or-treating mom and child, weeks after mom’s newborn dies

A mother and her young son are recovering after they were severely injured while trick-or-treating, according to WGLC.

Police said a driver blew through a pedestrian crosswalk in Statham, Georgia.

Matt Bentley wrote in a GoFundMe post raising money for medical expenses that he looked back to see his wife attempt to push their son to safety as the vehicle approached them, “but it was too late.”

Police said Katlin Bentley and her 5-year-old son, Kross, were walking on a crosswalk when a driver in a silver minivan hit both of them. The driver reportedly hit the mother with the front of his vehicle. Officers said she hit the windshield before crashing onto the pavement where she hit her head.

“We don’t know exactly what part of the vehicle struck my 5-year-old, but he ended being pinned on the arm by the back passenger tire,” Matt Bentley wrote.

Investigators said Kross has a fractured bone near his right eye. He reportedly has severe road rash and may have torn ligaments in his knee.

Bentley wrote that his wife suffered a “severely broken ankle that will require surgery, a broken rip and a concussion” among other injuries.

The accident came at a rough time for the Bentleys, who lost their newborn daughter last month.

Matt Bentley explained that his wife was still out of work on maternity leave and only had temporary health care coverage, which is set to end next week.

He wrote on the online fundraiser that the family still does not know the extent of his son’s injuries, nor how much his medical care will cost.

In addition to a fundraiser for the Halloween crash, the family also has a GoFundMe page in place to cover expenses related to the newborn’s burial.

Authorities reportedly charged the driver, Jeffrey Craig, 47, with failure to yield to a pedestrian at a crosswalk.

[Featured image: GoFundMe]