Friday Crime Stories: Girl dressed for party found dead in freezer

Nancy Grace explores the mystery of Kenneka’s Jenkins death inside a freezer at a Chicago hotel. Investigator say she was so drunk after a party that she accidentally walked into the freezer and was locked inside, but her family suspects she was murdered. Larry Rogers Jr., the lawyer for Kenneka’s mother, joins Nancy and crime scene investigator Sheryl McCollum, CrimeOnline reporter Jacqueline Gray and Crime Stories’ co-host Alan Duke.

A 911 call recording reveals how police initially discouraged the 19-year-old’s mother from immediately filing a missing persons report, a delay her family thinks contributed to the teen’s death.

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While the Dr. Oz show has not made the full episode available online, you can watch a low video quality version of the Nancy’s appearance on the show with the family below:


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[Feature Photo: Family Handout]